Three Sizes Straws Included: there are 3 different sizes bamboo straws for one set for different size of cups for kids and adults, really the best choice for a family use. Every set includes a nylon brush for washing the straws.

While our bamboo straws including 4 pcs 6", 4pcs of 7.8" and 4 pcs of 9.5", and all the bamboo straws are natural, it is possible that the difference of thickness is avaliable and also the color on the bamboo also have a little different.

Anyway, we acknowledge the possibility that there are people who won't be happy with our product. If you are one of those people, let us know immediately Organic Bamboo Drinking Straws.

Reusable Bamboos Straws Alternative to Plastic Kids Straws. Set of 12 Reusable Bamboo Straws with 3 Sizes 6", 8", 9"for...

Why SWITCH to Sain Bamboo Straw:

A bamboo straw is an item that we use every day. Who says they can't look cool and be enviromentally friendly too.


Made of organic and natural materials they are the best eco-friendly alternative to plastic.

Reusable & Compost

Our bamboo straw is 100% Reusable and totally compostable to break down completely, because its plants.


Easy to use, polished for a sleek, modern look, our straws are great for birthdays, family feasts, special occasions, parties, and everyday life.


Made by the Hands

Bamboo is the perfect material and great organic substitute to the plastic straw we're all used to. By using these reusable, biodegradable, plant based drinking straws helping the environment by reducing plastic waste. Thank you for your environmental conscientiousness and keep drinking like a panda!

Reusable Straw

Cut down on your straw expenses by using our Bamboo Drinking Straws! You can use these bamboo straws for as long as you want and nope, these won't rot. You won't have to buy those plastic straws ever again. Our straw is reusable and eco product. Bamboo straws can reused order to cut down on waste.

Get The Party Started!

Bamboo straws make for a cute addition to your tropical cocktail themed tiki or Hawaiian luau party, bar mitzvah, work BBQ, or wedding event, complimenting your cocktails, exotic drinks and other bamboo decorations, such as your tiny, drink straw hats and umbrella stirrers!

100% Natural and Organic

No plastic, no pesticides, 100% natural and organic bamboo and crafted by hand made and local balinese artisans. Bamboo Straws are completely biodegradable and don’t pollute. Our bamboo drinking straws are completely eco and earth friendly.

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Customers say

Lovely, eco-friendly tooth brush that are comfortable to use and don't rub on the inside of your mouth.


Excellent quality brushes. Not only are they pretty they also are amazing for the planet! Everyone should be buying these.


Quality of wood is very good, even the bristles are very smooth.

Anney Sham